New Zealand - Chalon Heads

Lessons Learnt......

The London Print SG.3
(This stamp has been returned and is not part of my collection, it is included as reference to identification)

This is the perfect example of how the SG.3 can be mis-identified with the Davies imperf CP. A6d (4) dull yellow green.

The gentleman that sold me this says in brought this stamp from Stanley Gibbons in the UK a few years ago, as a SG.3. When I recieved the stamp I sent it directly to Bob Odenweller. From my limited knowledge the stamp looked pretty good on most accounts, Colour, watermark and toning (greenish tinge to back). The only concern was these stamps are commonly said to have an ivory crown and the the crown was quite dull.

Anyway Bobs opinion is back......"New Zealand 1855 1/- yellow green, used, imperf on large star watermark paper, the London print (S.G. 3, Campbell Paterson A6a, Scott 3) I am of the opinion that it is not the London print, but is a dull yellow green of 1862 on toned paper (SG. 45 var, Campbell Paterson A6d(4), Scott 15 var).

Its great that the Gentleman concerned is happy for its return but here as discussion point as it is noted in the CP. catalogue this example of mis-identification.