New Zealand Stamps 1855 - Present

The New Zealand "Chalons" the first stamps with the orginals being printed in London and shipped out with the plates and paper supplies for further printings in New Zealand. Richardson and then Davies printed atamps over about a 17 year peroid. These stamps have many variations and for a collector specialising in them they can prove to be quite a challenge to collect.

 ​With variations in paper, watermarks, colour. The imperfs, trial seperations and perforation varieties. It is disappointing that there are rouges and thieves ot there that are happy to fake or forge some varieties to deceive unsuspecting collectors. I have a seperate page for the " fakes and forgeries" I have collected unsuspectingly  over the years.

I have not concentrated on the mint Chalons 1855- 62 and to date have no imperfs. I have gathered perforated varieties as a consequence  of the collecting of my specialist Chalon Collection with my goal to "Complete a full collection of New Zealand Chalons" using both the Campbell Patterson (CP) and Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogues as my reference. The "Chalon Collection is held within a seperate page in this website.

 ​When you see a stamp with a diagonal  line through it, don't worry it is a colour copy and is used by me as a spacefiller and confirms the orginal stamp has a certificate of authenticity  from a philatelic expert.